Best Skateboard Bushings


Choosing the Best Skateboard Bushings can have a huge impact on the way your skateboard feels. Skate bushings come in ...

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Bones 100s Wheels Review


Riding the right set of wheels can make skateboarding feel great. The right set of wheels provides the grip, speed ...

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Independent trucks review


Choosing the right trucks for your next set up is very difficult. The best set of trucks is very much ...

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Thunder Trucks Review


Finding the right set of trucks for your next board is a challenge.  Trucks typically last for about a year, ...

bones reds

Bones Reds Bearings Review


Bearings are a vital part of any skateboard, without them, you can only do stationary tricks, and that’s no fun! ...

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Lucky Bearings Review


Choosing bearings for your board is not easy in a day and age filled with bearing companies. Do you go ...

Shake Junt Bearings Review


Shake Junt, Shake Junt, Shake Junt! They are one of the most popular brands in skating and for good reason! ...

Globe Bearings Review


In this review, we’re looking at Globe ABEC 7 bearings. These bearings could just be the best for your next ...

Speed Demon Bearings Review


Finding the right bearings for your board can be tricky with so many brands on the market. So, we decided ...

Jessup Griptape Review


Griptape is one of the most important parts of your board. It is your contact with your board. It is ...

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