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Choosing bearings for your board is not easy in a day and age filled with bearing companies. Do you go with an industry leader, or do you go with a new kid on the block? Honestly, it’s difficult to say, that’s why we decided to review some bearings and see what they were like. Below is Lucky Bearings Review (the Lucky Abec-7 Bearings to be precise).

However, before we get to the bearings, let’s first find out a little more about Lucky Bearings

A little bit more about Lucky Bearings 

Lucky Bearings is based in San Francisco, a hotbed for skateboarding. They have been around for decades and created quite a team in that time.

This team includes some of the best and most underrated skaters of today including James Brockman, Dan Drehobl, Jason “The Kidd” Adams and more.

And it’s no wonder that they have such great skaters on their team, Lucky has been killing the bearing game ever since it came into it!

Why choose these bearings?

Lucky Bearings are what all skate bearings should be, easy to maintain, smooth and fast. That’s why you should choose these bearings, it is that simple.

They provide you with a ride so smooth you’ll feel like your floating. That might be going a little over the top, but they are very smooth. They are also quite fast, so perhaps not the best for beginners.

The speed that Lucky Bearings generate after being worn in is something out of a NASA handbook. We don’t know how they did it, but they managed to create a bearing that lasts ages and gives incredible amounts of speed without taking every last penny out of a skaters wallet.

You should choose these bearings if you are after some quality bearings that are inexpensive, long lasting and fast. These would work great on either a cruiser board or your normal setup and provide you with the speed you need to hit big objects or just cruise to town for coffee.

What’s good about these bearings?

What we love about these bearings is their speed. The speed that these bearings allow you to generate is ridiculous.

When you are pushing at a massive gap, and your bearings allow you to take one less push than your friends, it means you can get set up and ready for your trick in plenty of time.

That is amazing, to have those few crucial moments to get ready can make the difference between landing the trick and bailing out.


  • Affordable for everyone
  • Durable
  • Fast!!!
  • Low maintenance


  • Take a while to wear in
  • Not suitable for beginners

Overall Summary

We hope you found this review of the Lucky ABEC 7 bearings helpful. In testing, we found these bearings worked great. They were slow to wear in but easy to maintain and very quick.

We would say that these bearings are probably not suited to beginners. They offer too much speed which can be a great thing, but if you are new to skating, this speed can really hurt! Check out some of our other reviews to find something a little more suitable.

If you’re just starting out we would suggest you try and find some other bearings more suited to your level of skating and leave Lucky ABEC 7’s to speed freaks who are used to going fast and getting hurt!

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