Am I Too Old to Start Skateboarding?


What age is too old to start Skateboarding? What a great question, but one that doesn’t really have an answer! ...

best skateboard logos

50 Best Skateboard Logos – Past, Present and Future!


Skateboarding is a strange industry. If you can put together a great team and a good video, your product will ...

skateboarding quotes

Skateboarding Quotes


Skateboarding is an extreme sport, widely recognized and celebrated in popular culture. Because of this, there are many awesome skateboarding ...

is skateboarding good exercise

Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?


If you’re pondering is Skateboarding Good Exercise, whether you want to believe it or not, skateboarding is actually a moderately ...

is skateboarding a sport

Is Skateboarding a Sport?


Skateboarding has had a somewhat short but very broad lifespan and has become a worldwide phenomenon, connected integrally to lots ...

is skateboarding hard

Is Skateboarding Hard?


Learning any new skill is not easy, and skateboarding is not an exemption to this. Skateboarding is quite difficult and ...

what is skateboarding

What is Skateboarding?


Skateboarding is an activity like no other, that is for sure. It is a form of recreation which is very ...

when is go skateboarding day

When is Go Skateboarding Day?


Every year, skateboarders from all over the globe get together and celebrate their passion for skateboarding. From Washington D.C. to ...

what is street league skateboarding

What is Street League Skateboarding?


Skateboarding has come a long way over the last few decades; what once was a relatively little-known hobby has evolved ...

is skateboarding similar to snowboarding

Is Skateboarding Similar to Snowboarding?


Snowboarding is definitely an extreme sport… at least, that’s what we think of it as. It is something which requires ...

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