Welcome to SkateMontana.com. The ultimate resource for skateboarders and skate culture.

We don’t just skate, we immerse ourselves in the culture that defines us. Our passion for skateboarding transcends the decks, the wheels, and the tricks. It’s about the lifestyle, the camaraderie, and the sheer thrill of Skateboarding. We understand that feeling because we’ve been there – we are skateboarders first and foremost.

SkateMontana.com was born out of this shared passion and our deep-seated desire to contribute to the skateboarding community.

About the writers

We are Lewis and Scott – a duo of skateboard enthusiasts who eat, breathe, and live skateboarding.

Lewis, the mastermind behind SkateMontana.com (that’s me!), is not only an avid skateboarder but also an ardent writer. With an undying love for skateboarding and a natural talent for writing, Lewis aims to connect with fellow enthusiasts by sharing his experiences, insights, and skateboard-related wisdom through his words.

Scott, brings an equal amount of fervor and dedication to the site (Scott tries and reviews most of the products you see on the site!). Armed with an analytical mindset, Scott meticulously tests and reviews skateboarding products, leaving no wheel unturned.

His straightforward, no-nonsense reviews are based on first-hand experience, providing our readers with authentic, dependable information.

What different about us?

What sets us apart is our real-world experience and the authenticity that accompanies it. Every article, guide or review you find on SkateMontana.com is imbued with our personal experiences, insights, and the occasional scrape and bruise. We don’t just write about skateboarding, we live it, testing every product (where possible!), and experiencing every thrill and challenge that comes with it.

Want to contribute?

But SkateMontana.com is not just about us; it’s about you, the reader, the skater, and the lover of the sport. We aim to build an engaging platform where skateboarders of all levels, from rookies to pros, can come together to learn, share, and grow.

Write for us

If you’re passionate about skateboarding and writing, we’d love you to contribute. Get in touch.

Review our Skateparks

Our extensive directory of American skateparks is a testament to our commitment. Here, we provide you with an all-inclusive guide to the best skateparks across the country. And whilst we’d love to be able to skate and review them all, it’s just not possible! So, if you’ve visited any of the skateparks we have listed, leave them a review – have we missed your favourite skatepark? Let us know – Have we got incorrect details? Let us know and we’ll update them.


In essence, SkateMontana.com is a reflection of us – our journeys, our love for the sport, and our dedication to empowering the skateboarding community.

Skate on!

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