Am I Too Old to Start Skateboarding?


What age is too old to start Skateboarding?

What a great question, but one that doesn’t really have an answer!

If you are wondering Am I too Old to Start Skateboarding? Then the first thing you need to do is change your mentality!

You can learn to start skateboarding at any age.

Can you learn to skateboard when you’re an adult?

Whilst it will certainly be more difficult to start skateboarding at an older age, I mean who has spare time to spend all day practicing when working a 9-5 right?

There’s no reason that with a little bit of practice you can learn to skateboard at any age.

Like when learning anything new, all it takes is a bit of time and patience.

Ultimately consistency is key. If you can commit to practicing consistently over a period of time, you can definitely learn to skateboard at any age.

How long does it take to learn to Kickflip?

Probably longer than you might think!

So, whilst we agree that it’s never too late to learn to skateboard, what we didn’t say is that learning to skateboard would be a walk in the park!

But don’t just take our word for it, we interviewed our friend Marc Freccero who took on an EPIC kickflip challenge, having ZERO experience skateboarding.

  • Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Marc Freccero and I’m originally from Boston, now living in LA. I’m an Electronic Musician/DJ and YouTuber.

  • At 31, do you think you are too old to learn to skate?

Honestly, not really. Even though a lot of people I talked to told me it was a bad idea, I’ve always believed in staying in shape, eating super healthy, and keeping my body in the best condition I can. One mental exercise that I do, almost daily, is ask myself: In 20-30 years, how do I wish I would have treated my body now? Too many people are retroactive in health and fitness rather than proactive.

  • You’ve never skated before, what made you want to do a video about learning to kickflip?

For me I love traveling and having new experiences, and when the pandemic hit, a lot of my projects and ideas had to be scrapped. One day I was thinking – what is a fun project/challenge I can take up while stuck inside? Not entirely sure where it even came from, but I thought a kickflip on a Skateboard would be a unique way to push myself.

  • How did you decide which skateboard to buy and where did you buy it from?

I purchased my board from Venice Skateboard Stuff (shoutout to them!), and I honestly just asked for the most basic beginners skateboard haha. I was also told ahead of time that the thinner the board, the easier it is to flip, so I went for the lightest beginners board they had.

  • Which skate shoes did you buy and how did they hold up?

I originally had the Vans Pros Evos, which were WAY too small and didn’t fit my feet correctly (as shown in the video). I was then suggested the Kyle Walker shoes, and I immediately fell in love with them.

  • What were other skaters reactions to you at the skate park – we’re skaters cool with you being a noobie / did people offer advice?

Everyone I met while doing this whole challenge was super cool and supportive. In terms of their reactions, a lot of them liked that I was literally counting every single attempt, as it turned into almost a unique science experiment. Everyone who gave me advice was really into it, especially because of how hard I was pushing myself and how I was trying to speed up the learning curve a ton.

  • Do you know how much time you spent in total / do you think skateboarding is a good form of exercise / did you feel good/bad after x amount of hours skating?

In terms of the specific stats, starting from scratch until I landed the hospital flip, it was roughly: attempt #3,000, my total skate time was ~26 Hours, it was my 10th day of skating, and the total elapsed time from the day I bought the board until I landed it was 2 months and 11 days (I had to take a ton of time off because I got COVID).

  • Ok.. so you never actually landed a kickflip – are we going to see a part 2?

I’m honestly still mad that I didn’t land the kickflip, even though the video took a wild turn. Especially because I’ve landed more complicated tricks, I think if I went back to the kickflip I could land it quickly (hopefully haha). I’m definitely planning on filming a part 2, as I was SO close to landing the kickflip.


So there you have it, Skateboarding can be learnt by anyone at any age.

Not only is skateboarding a great past time, it is also an excellent form of exercise.

Now is the time to start skateboarding.

If you think Marc should attempt to land a kickflip give him a message on Instagram or Twitter.

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