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Bearings are a vital part of any skateboard, without them, you can only do stationary tricks, and that’s no fun! You don’t get to throw yourself down stair sets or slam hard in a bowl, because of this, good quality bearings are a must. However, not all skateboard bearings are created equal! Below is our Bones Reds Bearings Review, we take a look at how they stack up against the competition.

Before we get to the bearing review, though, let’s first look at Bones and see what they are all about.

A quick history of Bones

Bones began in the 80’s and was formed by George Powell. You may know George from such things as Powell and Peralta and Bones Brigade, he is responsible for creating some of the best products and teams in skateboarding history and has had a hand in creating skating as we know it today.  

Bones is now one of the top skate brands in the world, not just in bearings even though that’s pretty much all they make. Their team is full of insanely good talent like Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Evan Smith, Chris Haslam, Nyjah Huston and about 1,000 other people that have tricks that will melt your face off. But is this because of the quality of their bearings or their paychecks? Let’s find out, shall we!

Why choose these bearings?

Bones bearings are the number one choice for a lot of skaters around the world. They are fast, smooth and ride perfectly for years. They last a stupidly long time for the price and have removable shields so that you can maintain them and make them last even longer.

I know that traditionally skaters do not follow trends, but the reason you should choose Bones Reds as your next set of bearings is that pretty much every other skater in the world would choose them. They are that good! Having said that, Bones Reds are not for beginners, they are far too fast. Even right out of the box, these make you go a million miles per hour, so I would strongly recommend against these if you are just starting out. If you are already a few years deep in the skate world, go nuts, you’ll love them!

What’s good about these bearings?


The speed they provide, the amount of time they last and smoothness of the ride.

Every part of riding and maintaining Bones Reds is awesome.

They are also really cheap which is amazing!

You can get these amazingly high quality bearing for next to nothing and enjoy them for years!


  • Smooth
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Removable shields for maintenance
  • You get a shiny sticker in the box!


  • You only get one shiny sticker in the box? Seriously, these are great (the best?) bearings in the world, go and get them!

Overall Summary

We hope you found this review of Bones Reds helpful.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that Bones Reds are one of our favorite bearings. We’ve had numerous sets of these in the last 18 years and have never had any problems with them.

Even if you pop the shields off to be cool, they should still last about a year. They are the most popular brand of bearings in the skate world for good reason, they are (quite possibly) The Best Skateboard Bearings!

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