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Choosing the right trucks for your next set up is very difficult. The best set of trucks is very much down to personal opinion and what sort of skateboarding you are doing. However, can there be an all around great truck? Is there such a thing? Well, actually, yes, there is and you are looking at it. Independent trucks are known for being all round killers and provide you with everything you need to skate well and skate hard!

History of Independent truck company

Independent truck company was formed in 1978 by four legends of the skate world. The founders of Santa Cruz Skateboards and Thrasher Magazine elite coming together to create a brand that is considered one of the best in the world. Independent trucks were created due to a lack of quality skate trucks on the market. Basically, people were tired of skating rubbish trucks and decided to create their own. However, what they did was so good that they haven’t really had to change the formulae since. Independent has changed the style of their trucks a few times over the years, but for the most part, they are same as they were in 1978. It’s crazy to think that these trucks have been able to perform so well in the skate world for such a long time considering how much the skate world has changed since Independent was created.

Why buy Independent Trucks?

Independent trucks are used by millions of people around the world because they are the most durable trucks around. Whether you are grinding pool coping or the metal lip of a ledge, these will keep going long after you!

You should buy Independent trucks if you like riding pool or street. Unlike other truck company’s, Independent trucks can be used universally. They are at home on the street or in a backyard bowl and don’t take any crap from anything you want to grind. Even if there is no wax on a curb, Indys will find a way of grinding it, even if that results in you being flung from your board! So, why buy Indys? Honestly, they are the best all-around skate truck in the world!

A word of Warning

If you have had Independent trucks before then you know about the stickiness of the bushings when they are new. To combat this, we recommend using Bones Bushings in your Indy’s.

Bones Bushings make your Independent trucks feel insanely comfortable from the minute you change your board over. There is no wear in time at all! Give them a try the next time you get new trucks and see for yourself!

Should you buy Independent Trucks?

We love Independent trucks and have ridden many pairs over the years.

Once you wear Indys in, they feel like a long-lost friend that is ready to be taken into battle.

They don’t care what you grind, as long as you are grinding, the trucks are perfectly happy.

Now, Independent do make a lot of different styles of trucks, but for us, you can’t beat the standard.

Give the Stage 11 Raws a try and see how good they feel. They are the most basic truck Independent makes, but they are far from basic, they are amazing!


  • One of the most durable trucks on the market
  • Great all-rounders
  • Iconic design and style
  • Good value for money – they last years!


  • The bushings are sticky
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