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venture trucks review

Venture Trucks are a well renowned Skateboarding Truck Brand. They’ve got a vast array of Skateboard Trucks, with different colors, sizes and designs, so you should be sure to find something that fits your own personal style. We cover some of their most popular models in our full Venture Trucks Review below.

Top Choices




Venture Polished Low Skateboard Trucks – 5.25″


Venture Polished Truck 5,25″ high


Venture V-Light Hi 5.25 Polished Skateboard Trucks


Venture Trucks Paul Rodriguez V-Hollow Falcon High Gold / Black Skateboard Trucks – 5.25″


A Little History Lesson

With a history dating back to the early 1990’s. Previously distributed via Street Corner Distribution, Venture Trucks have been distributed via Deluxe Distribution since 2011. If you’re not familiar with Deluxe Distribution, you will likely recognize some of their brands, particularly Thunder Truck Co.

Unlike some other Truck Brands, Venture Trucks are Manufactured in San Francisco USA, so you can rest assured they are well manufactured and use high quality materials.

Why Choose Ventures?

Your trucks are going to take a beating, so having high quality, durable components is crucially important.

Cast using aircraft grade aluminium, the most notable design feature of Venture truck is their focus on being lightweight yet highly durable.

With their latest iterations, the V-Lights and the V-Hollows, they’ve managed to reduce weight even further, whilst still retaining the tough durability you come to expect from Venture.

While Venture may not be the cheapest, they definitely make up for that in build quality and materials used.

Whats Good About Them?

Primarily a Street Skater focused Truck, they are offer good value for money and are also lighter than some of the competition.

Due to their geometry, they are stable under foot and a strong kingpin keeps everything in place, regardless of the battering you give them.

They make a great choice for those who like to grind, which is unsurprising considering the brands motto “always on the grind”.

Which Size/Height Should you Choose?

It’s worth noting that Trucks come in a range of different shapes and sizes and have numerous components.

Your choice will most likely come down to what size (width) Deck you ride and your preference of wheel size, opting for low trucks for smaller wheels and high trucks for larger wheels.

It’s not uncommon for people to want to change some of the components that make up their Truck.

Fortunately Ventures are perfectly skate-able out of the box, however replacing the bushings may help improve the response time when turning, which is something people can complain about the stock Venture Truck setup.

Venture Classic Review

The standard venture truck design is a timeless classic. Although they have changed the logo emblazoned upon the front of the truck a few times over the years, the design has stayed pretty much the same.

They come in 5.0″, 5.2″ and even 5.8″ in both Low and High variants, so they should be able to accommodate any deck size.

Personally, our preference would be for the Lows as we prefer smaller wheels and also find them to be more stable and responsive.


  • Available in High and Low variants
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made in the USA
  • Hard wearing and durable


  • Lighter Trucks Available

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Venture V-Hollow / V-Light Review

These Trucks retain the same classic Venture design, but are even lighter. Rather than stand still, Venture have kept up with the times and developed a range of even more advanced Trucks.

V-Light’s – Which come with a Hollow Kingpin


V-Hollow’s – Which have a Hollow Axle and Kingpin

Some of the more unique colorways have been created as collaborations for their team of Professional Skaters.

Most skaters will be aware of Paul Rodriguez, or P-ROD. He has his own range of custom Venture Trucks that we really like, with our favorite being the Paul Rodriguez V-Hollow Falcon High Gold. 

Not only do these look absolutely amazing, they pack all the features of the V-Hollow, making them super lightweight.


  • Available in Regular and Low variants
  • Made in the USA
  • Nice selection of Pro models available


  • While lighter than standard Ventures, they aren’t the lightest Trucks on the market

This video review from goes into some further detail;

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Venture Trucks Review Summary – Should You Buy Them?

The question perhaps isn’t;

Should you buy venture trucks?” but instead “Which Venture Trucks should I buy?”

Venture stand by their product, they’re good quality and have stood the test of time. Being manufactured in the USA is also reassuring.

Our personal preference would be the Venture V-Hollow Low 5.25s which are available to buy from all good skate stores as well as online at Amazon.

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