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Cruiser skateboards, in our opinion, are one of the best boards to have. They are so much fun to try real tricks on and make short work of getting around. It’s hard to do tricks on cruiser boards, so even the most basic trick is a lot of fun. Rock and rolling a cruiser board is one of our favorite things to do. However, cruiser boards are not made for tricks, what are cruiser boards made for then? Well, we’re glad you ask!

Our Favourite Cruiser Skateboard Brands

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What is a cruiser skateboard?

A cruiser board is a board that you can use to get around on. They have soft wheels to soak up bumps and cracks and slightly looser trucks than a normal board for easier turning. A cruiser board still has a nose and a tail like a normal board so you can still use it as a normal board, but they are intended to be used for travel rather than tricks. Cruiser boards are often used by people to get around a city or for filming other skaters. Thanks to the soft wheels, they are so comfortable to ride around all day, and as these wheels soak up the bumps, stones, and cracks, they offer a stable platform for filming skateboarding too.

The difference between a cruiser board and other types of skateboard

Think about a cruiser board like this;

A cruiser board is basically all of the good bits of a normal skateboard, longboard and a penny board combined in a smooth ride that you can still do tricks on.

Let’s take a look at the differences between a cruiser board and all other types of skateboard.

You’ll notice that there aren’t too many differences, but there are some subtle ones that help to create a unique skateboard that is a lot of fun to ride.

Cruiser vs Normal skateboards

A cruiser board is very similar to a normal skateboard, with a few differences that make them tricker to do tricks with.

The length of a cruiser board is very similar to a normal skateboard, but the width is normally bigger.

The wheels of a cruiser board are also different. Cruiser board wheels are softer meaning that they can soak up bumps and stones and things, and provide a smooth ride for the user. This makes tricks difficult because the wheels bounce when you pop the board and land.

Also, because cruiser boards are wider and this means that they have wider trucks, they are heavier than a normal board. This, once again, makes it difficult to do tricks on them.

So, although you can do tricks on a cruiser board and they are extremely fun to try tricks on, they are really designed to be ridden rather than tricked.

Cruiser vs Penny Skateboards

The main difference between penny boards and cruisers are that penny boards are made from plastic and cruisers are made from wood. This makes cruiser boards a more stable platform as penny boards often bend quite a lot when you ride them.

Penny boards are also smaller than cruiser boards, for the most part.

Cruiser boards are wider and longer than most penny boards meaning that they are easier to control and, in our opinion, far more fun.

Where penny boards and cruiser boards are similar are the wheels. Both have soft wheels that offer a lovely ride.

Cruiser vs Longboards

Cruiser boards differ from longboards mainly in size. Cruiser boards are roughly the same size as a normal skateboard. Some are a similar size to penny boards, but none are too much bigger than a regular board.

The trucks of a cruiser board are the same as a regular board too which are different to longboard trucks. Now, we don’t longboard so we don’t know the true difference between normal skateboard trucks and longboard trucks, but they look different, so that’s why we are mentioning it. Another difference between longboards and cruisers are that cruiser boards have a nose and a tail, like a regular board.

The wheels of a cruiser board are the same as a longboard, so they provide a soft and smooth ride.

If you are a longboarder and want to learn how to ride a normal skateboard, a cruiser board is the best step to take. It will provide a similar ride, but you’ll have the control of a regular skateboard.

The Best cruiser skateboards

So we’ve covered the difference between cruiser boards and all the other types of boards available.

In our opinion, cruiser boards combine the best elements of every type of board.

They offer the control of a normal board with the fun of soft wheels from longboards and penny’s.

So, what is the best cruisers board available in the world? Well, once again, we’re glad you ask.

Here are our top picks for the best cruiser boards in the world right now. Prepare to have some fun!


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Kryptonics In-Lay Cruiser Board

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Globe HG Pushover Bruiser Cruiser Board

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Santa Cruz Youth Land Shark Cruzer Board

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Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best cruiser board in the world right now has to be this beast from Santa Cruz. It has one of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding on it, the screaming hand from Santa Cruz. Plus, it also has the best hardware of all of the complete board on this list.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Cruiser Board

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So, that’s our list of the best cruiser boards available right now. We hope you liked them and we hope that you pick one up and have some fun!

Cruiser boards are the best boards in the world for fun and getting around.

If you’d like to find out about the best “normal” skateboards around, check out our other articles.

Or if you’d like to learn the basics of skating to prepare yourself for your first cruiser ride, we have an article all about that too.

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