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globe slant trucks review

Finding your first set of trucks can be difficult. Every truck brand offers you a lot but without knowing what you need, so how can you know which truck brand is best for you? Well, when you are just starting out in the skate world, it is best to keep things simple, which is why we have reviewed the Slant trucks below. Slant trucks offer you a lot, but keep it simple, affordable and durable, making them perfect for a beginner.

Top 5 Globe/Slant Trucks

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History of Slant Trucks

Slant is owned by Globe, a shoe company that has developed its own range of skateboards, wheels, bearings and, of course, trucks. Globe makes some great products for beginner skaters and Slant trucks are no exception to this. Slant trucks can help you find your feet on a board, they might not be as durable or feature-packed as other truck brands, but when you just need something stable under your feet, they are great!

Slant trucks are by no means a professional truck, but for those that are just starting to learn how to push and Ollie, they will work great for you for years. We consider Slant trucks as a step up from a complete, off the shelf, board, they won’t bend and flex and will help you learn some tricks.

Why buy Slant trucks?

As we said, these trucks are designed for beginners. They are a step up from an “off the shelf” complete and will last you a while.

These are great for anyone still trying to find their bearings in the skate world and those that like to cruise.

When you start out in the skate world, you tend to stick to the floor rather than try to grind and ride bowls straight away. These trucks will keep you on the ground and help you improve on the basics before stepping up your skate game.

If you are a fast learner, you may outgrow these trucks quickly, but if you are anything like us, these Slant trucks will keep you going for a year or more.

So, why buy Slant Trucks? Because they are perfect for beginners and can help you find the control you need to stay on your board.

Should you buy Slant Trucks?

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We really like the Slant trucks for beginners. They are some of The Best Trucks available for a new skater.

They aren’t really suitable for more experienced skaters as more experienced skaters tend to like grinding and jump down stuff a lot and these trucks may not stand up to that abuse.

However, for younger skaters and those starting out, these are the perfect truck.

They provide the control of a good quality truck and a durability that won’t leave you without trucks anytime soon.

For a little splash of color, try these pineapple Slant Trucks. These will help you get your tricks down and get you noticed at the local skate park! We really like the gold extras on these trucks too, they make them pop!

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fairly durable
  • Loads of designs and colors to choose from
  • Might not be as feature-packed as other trucks
  • May not be suitable for experienced skaters

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