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skate shops near me

Skateboarding is a fantastic hobby, it’s a great sport and a good way to keep healthy and active. But before you can start skateboarding you need to buy a skateboard or some components, so how do you go about finding reputable skate shops near me?

Fortunately finding and supporting your local Skate Shop is now much easier and a really great thing to do for the local skate scene. Skateboarding has become more popular and there has been an increase in local businesses looking to supply skating essentials.

Having readily available access to a wide range of skateboarding products in your local area definitely comes in handy, especially when you need something the same day, or you just want to get a feel for a piece of equipment before buying it.

It’s great being able to try different size decks and see what their concave is like, or perhaps you’re not quite sure on those special edition Venture Truck colorways and want to see them in real life first.

How to Find Skate Shops Near Me

So how do you find your local skate store?

If you live in a large town/city then you should have no difficulty in finding a local Skate Shop with a little research.

A google search for terms such as “skate shops near me“, “skateboard shops near me“, “skateboard shop near me” or “skate shop near me” should return some good results.

Skateboard store locator

You can also use our skateboard store locator tool below which uses google maps to locate your nearest skate store;

No Skate Shops in your area? Try Skateboard Shops Online

If you live somewhere more remote, or perhaps there just isn’t a big skate scene in your area then you may need to go online to seek a good skate shop.

Internet shopping is extremely popular nowadays and in many ways offers advantages over a local skate store.

For example, you can compare prices with multiple online stores quickly and easily to ensure you get the cheapest skateboard.

There’s also so much more variety online, which is great when you are building your own custom skateboard.

Shipping is usually free when you spend over a certain amount and returns are getting much easier with more drop off locations and couriers who’ll pick up parcels relatively cheaply, some stores will even offer free returns.

online skate shop

Best Online Skate Stores

There are loads of great online skate stores, but here are a few of our favorites;


Most people have heard of Amazon, they have a fantastic range of products, extremely fast shipping, and hassle-free returns policy. Check out their huge range of skateboard products.

Click here to view their range of Skateboarding products

Warehouse Skateboards

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