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best penny skateboards

Penny-style skateboards have been around for a long time now, but they are actually based on a design that started in the 60s. Back then, this design was more than likely cut out by the skater who wanted something to ride. They would then cut a rollerblade in half and screw that to the board and off they would go on clay wheels!

The design of the board was later refined and made out of plastic because plastic was a relatively new thing and people decided to make everything out of the stuff! Even the wheels became plastic (urethane) and haven’t changed to this day. The Penny board has now revived this design of skateboard, and many people get joy out of using them! Before we get to our list of the best Penny Boards, let’s take a look at the uses of them and whether you can do any tricks on a Penny-style board.

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The uses for a Penny-style skateboard

Most people use Penny-style skateboards to cruise with and have fun on. Most Penny-style boards come with soft wheels as standard. This makes them really fun for cruising down the street. However, some people use them exactly the same as our forefathers did in the 60s. They shred hills and banks just like they would surf a wave!

For the most part, though, nowadays Penny-style skateboards are only really used for cruising. The skateboard has come a long way since the 60s and skating a Penny-style board at a modern skate park is very challenging, fun, but challenging!

Can you do tricks on a Penny-style skateboard?

Well, aside from sweeping carves and quick turns, the tricks you can do on a Penny-style board are fairly limited. However, there are some people that can kickflip, tre flip and even noille flip them. Penny-style boards can be skated like a modern skateboard, but it is very difficult and you need to be very good at your tricks before you try them on a Penny-style board. So, yes, you can do tricks on a Penny-style board, as long as you know how to do the trick already and even then, you’ll find the trick difficult.

The reason tricks are more difficult on a Penny-style board is because they only have a small amount of concave. The tail is the only part of the board that is shaped, the rest of it is flat. This means that you have to do all the work with your back foot and flick like crazy with your front foot to get the board to flip at all. Penny-style boards also weigh a fair amount and so flicking them isn’t easy. Plus, because most of the body of a Penny-style board is flat, the air doesn’t pass around it like it does with a normal board. Because a normal board is curved in loads of directions, the air can pass round it easier. With a Penny-style board, the air just gets trapped, and this stops the rotation of the board. So, although you can do tricks on a Penny-style board, they are a lot more challenging, but this can be good fun!

The Best Penny-style skateboards

Check out our favorite selection of Penny boards below, you may find our top choice a surprise.

Rimable 22” Penny-style complete

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This Rimable board is a great place to start if you are just starting your Penny-style journey. You can skate this 22” board right out of the box, and it feels very fun straight away. The bottom of this board has supports molded in so although it does flex a bit when you stand on it, it is relatively strong.

This is a great first Penny-style board because it isn’t that expensive, it’s nice and fun, and you can skate it without needing to know how to set up a board. The grip of this board is also very good. The plastic grip on some of these boards are lethal, but this one grips your feet nicely when riding.

  • A crazy amount of colors and designs to choose from
  • Not as flexible as some other Penny-style boards
  • Nice and fun
  • Easy to use
  • The turning could be better, but you can improve this by loosening or tightening the trucks

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser

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This Cal 7 mini cruiser is loads of fun right out the box. It comes fully set up with ABEC 7 bearings, metal trucks, and really nice soft wheels. The bearings take a little while to wear in, but they all do. You may need to adjust the trucks, but you need to do this with all trucks. The wheels are great from the moment you step on the board.

You don’t get as many color choices with this board as you do with some of the others on this list, but the quality is exceptional, and so we don’t think this an issue. There are enough colors for you to choose the perfect board for you and once it arrives, you will love riding it down to the shops or cruising the streets to find skate spots.

  • Awesome styles and colors
  • Surprisingly good materials used in construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe for anyone
  • Some people have noted that the sides of the board are easily damaged, but this is a skateboard, they are going to take some abuse so this is to be expected.

Wonnv Retro 22” Cruiser”

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If you’re looking for a mini cruiser that perfectly suits your attitude to life, look further. These Wonnv Retro Cruisers come in loads of different styles, and so you will find one that matches the way you see life perfectly.

When your new cruiser comes, you can enjoy shredding down the streets perfectly thanks to the soft wheels and metal trucks. The bearings will need to be worn in, but that’s the fun part! You can cruise down the street in style with these boards and have loads of fun doing it!

  • Probably the best array of designs to choose from
  • Very nicely made
  • Pre-built
  • Great board for a beginner
  • A little more flexible than others on this list

Penny Nickel Complete

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This Penny-style board is actually just a real Penny. We could hardly make this list without mentioning the brand that started this whole crazy craze! This Penny board is 27 inches in length which is 5 inches longer than the boards above. This means that you can enjoy some more stability with this board and maybe actually do some tricks and carve around a bowl with it. Of course, this depends on your skill level and what you actually want to use the board for, but the option is there.

As you may expect, Penny boards come in all manner of designs and style, so there is one perfect for you. However, our favorite style is the Canary; it just looks really cool. This Penny board is great for cruising and having a load of fun! Go grab one!

  • Penny brand boards are made extremely well from the best materials possible
  • Loads of designs and colors to choose from
  • Stable and fun
  • None, these are the best board in this category of skateboards, if you want a Penny-style skateboard, just get a Penny!

Penny Longboard

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Yes, you read that right! Penny makes a longboard! This board comes in at 36” long, which is a few inches bigger than a normally sized skateboard. This makes it perfect for cruising or commuting. The bigger size means that it is a little more practical and more fun for adults. You can now skate to work or to the park comfortably and easily.

Of course, as this is a Penny, the craftsmanship is exceptional. The struts underneath provide all the support you need. The board is still flexible, but this means that you can turn harder and faster. Overall, this is a great board for cruising and having fun! If you’re looking for a commuter board, this is the one for you on this list.

  • Perfect for adults looking to cruise or skate with their kids
  • Very well built with excellent materials
  • Great range of colors to choose from
  • Longboards can be tricky to ride if you haven’t ridden one before, this isn’t so much of a con of this board, but longboards in general.

Penny Dusk Fade

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There is already a 27” Penny board on this list, but we loved this one so much we had to include it too. This one is 7.5 inches wide, so it is a little wider than the other one making it perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a little more control. Plus, once again, you get the same quality trucks, bearings and wheels so you can shred all day long!

Apart from the size, the only real difference to this board is the style. The fade on this Penny board is beautiful! Our favorite is the Dusk which is orange and purple and looks as good in person as it does in the photos! For pure style, fun, and control, get this Penny board and cruise around with the biggest smile on your face ever!

  • Amazing style
  • Best build quality in class
  • Minimal flexibility
  • Seriously fun!
  • If you ride lose trucks, you’ll need riser pads which aren’t supplied

Our top pick

Ridge 22” Mini Maple Cruiser

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We love this mini cruiser because it is the only one made out of wood. It is made out of maple, like traditional skateboards meaning that it is just as strong as a traditional skateboard. If you have ever ridden a Penny-style board and not liked the flexibility, try this. Because it is wood, it has no flexibility, so it provides a more stable base. This also makes it great for beginners.

Just like the other boards on this list, it comes ready-built and ready to skate. You may need to have a play around with the trucks to get them perfect for your weight, and the bearings will take a while to wear in, but it feels really good straight out of the box. For us, this was a serious amount of fun and bought a smile to all of our faces!

  • Made of wood
  • Quality metal trucks with riser pads
  • Good grip supplied and applied
  • The deck may not last as long as the plastic Penny-style boards if it gets wet
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