Grizzly Griptape Review – Is This The Grippiest Griptape Available?


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grizzly griptape review

Whether you’re cruising down the street or trying the gnarliest handrail, you need griptape. Griptape stops you sliding around on your boards and makes everything possible. Without it, you are a duck out of water! However, not all griptape is created equal, as we have found out the hard way in our tests. But what is Grizzly grip like? Does it match up to the industry leaders like Mob and Jessup? Let’s find out in our full Grizzly Griptape Review.

History of Grizzly Grip

Grizzly was started in about 2001 or 2002, even Torey Pudwell (pro skater and creator of Grizzly) isn’t really sure. Grizzly began as a simple griptape brand, but, with such a strong team from the very beginning, it wasn’t going to stay a simple griptape company for long.

It quickly grew into an accessories brand and now offers the skate world clothing, baseball bats, and of course griptape.

With over 90 of the world’s best skateboarders on the team, Grizzly has become a powerhouse in the skate world. It is one of the fastest growing brands and has collaborated with the likes of Marvel, Primitive, Plan B and more.

It continues to push skateboarding to new heights and pick up even more skateboarders that are soon to be the best in the world.

Why choose Grizzly griptape?

Well, with such a stacked team, the griptape must be good, right? Right, Grizzly grip is some of the best in the world. It is super grippy, the adhesive backing is super sticky, and the little bear cutout is super cute!

Grizzly grew so quickly because it made amazingly good griptape and everyone in the skate world knew it. It quickly grew to rival Mob and Jessups in popularity and quality, which is not an easy feat at all!

Why choose Grizzly grip? Well, everyone else does, so why wouldn’t you? Honestly, Grizzly is amazing grip, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else as good. It is definitely up there in the top three griptape brands in the world, and we don’t think many people could separate those brands!

What’s good about Grizzly griptape?

Grizzly was the first brand to use a cutout as a way of finding your tail. This simple little addition made skating so much more pleasurable. A quick glance let you know where your tail was and you could be off pushing to your trick.

So, what’s good about Grizzly? The grip, the style, the team, pretty much everything!

Of course, Grizzly also makes patterned grip too.

This is great because it helps you line your feet up for tricks.

If you’re just learning the basics and want an extra thing to help you remember where to put your foot for a kickflip, buy the “GRIZZLY” Grizzly grip

The word will help you put your foot in the right place every time.

Obviously, other brands have now taken the cutout and ran with it, but we shouldn’t forget this simple little invention was a cute little bear first!

Grizzly Griptape Review Summary- Should You Buy It?

Grizzly grew quickly because everyone recognized how good it was and it still is. 

It provides some of the best grip in the game and has some of the best patterns to choose from.

We love this grip because it provides the best of both worlds. It gives you Mob’s patterns without the slightly poor adhesive and the performance of Jessups basic black grip, but with the handy cutout to know where your tail is. 

It isn’t difficult to see why it rose in the ranks so quickly, it slots in perfectly and takes up the slack that the other griptape brands left.


  • Amazing grip
  • Great patterns
  • Brilliant adhesive
  • Tail cut out looks cool and helps with tricks


  • Can be slightly more expensive than other brands
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