10 Unique Recycled Skateboard Gift Ideas


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It’s a sad fact of life, that your favorite Skateboard won’t last forever. But fear not, that worn out or snapped Skateboard doesn’t have to be destined for the bin. Check out these 10 unique gifts, all made from recycled skateboards!

1. Recycled Skateboard Phone Case

recycled skateboard phone case

A smartphone is pretty much essential nowadays, so what better way to protect your phone than this awesome recycled skateboard phone case.

It comes hand finished in real wood and is available for a large variety of phones (not just iPhones!).

Check it out on Etsy;


2. Recycled Skateboard Ring

recycled skateboard ring

Now, if you’re thinking of buying this as an engagement ring for your other half, it might not go down too well. But as a unique piece of jewelry, this makes a great gift idea.

Don’t like wearing rings? not to worry, this can also be worn as a necklace with the included ball chain.

Check it out on Etsy;


Also, check out their fantastic resource for skateboarders everskate.com where skaters can share their own Instagrams on their tricks pages.

And skateboardjewelry.com their dedicated online store for recycled Skateboard Jewelry.

3. Recycled Skateboard Earing

recycled skateboard stud earring

Another piece of jewelry, this time a really striking earing/stud.

With a range of colors, you’re sure to find an option that suits your own personal style.

Check it out on Etsy;


4. Recycled Skateboard Pen

recycled skateboard pen

Sell me this pen.

Ok then, not only is this a really cool looking pen made from recycled skateboards, it also comes with a replaceable ink refill so you can keep it forever!

Check it out on Etsy;


5. Recycled Skateboard Bearing Necklace

recycled skateboard bearing necklace

So far there’s been a theme with all the items on this list, they’ve all been made from recycled skateboard decks.

While these necklaces use recycled decks, they also use skateboard bearings for a really unique look and a great use of an otherwise wasted skateboard component.

Check it out on Etsy;


Also, check out their awesome online store https://skate4create.com for a whole range of other recycled skateboard products.

And be sure to like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/skate4create/

6. Recycled Skateboard Coasters

recycled skateboard coasters

Who doesn’t want a coaster?

Plus if you read on, they make an excellent accompaniment to a recycled skateboard coffee table that you definitely wouldn’t want getting ruined!

Check it out on Etsy;


If you want to find out more about their creation process, check out their website http://www.deckstool.com

7. Recycled Skateboard Clock

recycled skateboard clock

What time is it?

Time to go skateboarding.

A fully functioning clock made up of multiple skateboard decks. What’s not to like?

Check it out on Etsy;


8. Recycled Ping Pong Paddles

recycled skateboard ping pong paddles

I love the idea that one piece of sporting equipment can be recycled and used for another piece of sporting equipment.

Anyone for beer pong?

Check it out on Etsy;


9. Recycled Skateboard Coffee Table

recycled skateboard table

Looking for a place to put your recycled skateboard coasters, look no further.

Look at the craftsmanship here. The use of recycled skateboards is subtle and artistic and the rest of the wood is reclaimed Oak.

This would make a fantastic conversation starter.

Check it out on Etsy;


If you like this, be to sure to check them out their Instagram https://www.pintaram.com/u/halfdeadcreative

10. Recycled Skateboard Wheels

recycled skateboard wheels

As the old saying goes, we’ve saved the best til’ last.

In terms of recycling, this comes full circle.

Skateboard wheels, made from skateboards!

Yes, you’d need to buy 4 and no, you probably wouldn’t want to skate with them (no seriously, don’t do it), but wow, don’t they look cool?

Oh, and did we mention they’ve been handcrafted by our resident writer Scott?

Check it out on Etsy;


Be sure to check out turnmore.co.uk for other pieces of Scott’s work.


So as you can see, a broken, worn or unloved skateboard doesn’t have to be destined for the bin.

Recycle, the possibilities are endless.

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