Skater Trainer Review – The Best Skateboard Training Product?


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skater trainer review

Learning to Skateboard can be hard, like real hard.

When you are first starting out you might watch a couple of YouTube videos and think, dang this Skateboarding malarkey looks easy, then you try and Ollie and realise you totally suck.

There’s multiple things that make learning tricks difficult, but that fact that you are standing on a piece of wood attached to some wobbly trucks and rolling wheels really don’t make things any easier.

That’s where Skater Trainers come in to their element.

For a fairly simple idea, these things make a massive difference in how easy it is to quickly start learning new tricks.

In the interest of disclosure, were kind enough to post me out a couple of sets of their Skater Trainers free of charge for review. They have not reviewed what I have written or directed me in any way, opinion expressed is my own.

skatertrainer review

What are Skater Trainers?

In their most basic form, they are specially designed plastic/rubber casings that you apply over the top of your wheels, due to their clever design they stop your wheels from rotating.

What’s so good about that?

Because your wheels aren’t rotating they keep you standing still, which makes it much easier to retain your balance while standing on the board.

Everything else however feels the same, your deck still feels normal, and you still have the wobble in your trucks, ensuring that as you learn tricks, you are learning them in the exact same was as you would normally, just your wheels aren’t rolling the board from under your feet.

review of skatertrainer

How easy are they to use?

Super easy.

Simply attach a skater trainer over the top of each of your skateboard wheels and you’re good to go.

They say they fit 99% of skateboard wheels, but I can’t see how there would be a wheel they wouldn’t fit!

The material itself is stretchy, but feels very durable and is made in the USA. these guys are proud of the quality product they’ve designed.

Then you simply master your tricks and slide them off once done, no fuss, no mess and no adjusting anything on your board.

Do they actually help you learn to do tricks?

In my experience, yes!

Because they stop your board rolling, you have much more control, which makes learning new tricks much easier.

By keeping your wheels in place, you can much more easily get used to the board and the foot positioning required for tricks.

As well as helping you learn tricks more easily, it feels like a much safer way too as the board won’t slip from under your feet if you land incorrectly.

Review Summary


  • Help you learn new tricks more quickly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdily built
  • Increase safety when learning new tricks


  • If you are young (or weak) you might struggle getting them over your wheels

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Should you buy them?

Yes, absolutely.

If you are struggling to learn how to Ollie, Kickflip, 360 Flip or any other kind of trick you should definitely give these a try.

While they aren’t guaranteed to make you a professional skater overnight, I’m sure they’ll increase your confidence on your board and help you learn much quicker.

I wish these had been around when I first started skating, they make such a huge difference in how quickly you can start learning tricks.

For the price they cost, there’s really no reason not to try them.

Oh and did we mention they come with an awesome Skater Trainer sticker?

We wholeheartedly recommend them and are confident they’ll help you learn new tricks quickly and safely.

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