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Skate wheels are a vital piece of kit for your board. You have to have quality wheels to skate properly. Now, there are plenty of options for you when it comes to skate wheels, and OJ wheels are a great choice for any skater, but which ones from their huge range are right for you?

Top 5 OJ Wheels

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Well, it depends on what you want to skate and how you skate. However, the OJ Keyframes could suit you if you are looking for some mini-ramp riding, cruising or filming wheels. They are one of the best for this type of skating, find out why in our OJ Wheels Review.

A little bit about OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels is under the NHS inc. umbrella along with companies like Santa Cruz, Creature and Independent Trucks. With skateboarding royalty alongside OJ’s, it didn’t take them long to raise up into the skateboarding stratosphere! Of course, it wasn’t just their companions that help them grow and become one of the leading wheel companies in skateboarding, their wheels did most of the work! OJ’s have created some incredible wheels over the years, and they get better and better each year!

This is probably why OJ’s has one of the best teams in the world, including Milton Martinez, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Sammy Baca, Greyson Fletcher and more. As you can see from this team, they like a skater who skates all terrains and that’s because their wheels are perfectly designed to tackle any terrain their pros can throw at them, just like the Keyframes we reviewed below.

Why buy OJ wheels?

As we said above, these OJ’s are perfect for anyone looking to ride ramp, cruise or film. A lot of people who ride wooden ramps a lot (and some that ride concrete bowls) like slightly softer wheels because they offer slightly more control on the obstacles that they ride. You see, hard wheels are all well and good on concrete and tarmac, but on wood, they can become slippery. Soft wheels mold to the wood better so you get more control and more grip. Plus, the 54mm size of these Keyframes means that you aren’t going to have pump your legs off just to reach the coping!

These OJ Keyframes are great for cruising.

The softness of these wheels allows you to cruise down the street as easily as Easy E did in his 64. The size may mean you have to push a little more often than with other larger wheels, but it won’t be so often that you’ll notice.

Of course, any cruising wheels are great for filming too, but these wheels, in particular, are excellent. You have the softness that means you can be silent behind the camera, but thanks to the size of these wheels, you won’t get wheel-bite.

Wheel-bite sucks on any board, but when you are holding a camera it can be sucky and expensive! These wheels will help you get your shot, and they are a much better price than a new camera!

Should you buy OJ Wheels? A look at our favorite.

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We love these OJ’s, of course, they aren’t for every skater in the world, but those of us who ride mini-ramp, film or like to cruise love them!

The control and fun you can have with these wheels are amazing and we urge you to try them if you skate wooden ramps or want a new set of wheels for cruising, you won’t regret it!

  • Different sizes and designs to choose from
  • Excellent quality
  • Perfect for loads of styles of skating
  • Can potentially flatspot in certain situations
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