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globe mahalo review

Globe is synonymous with Skate Shoes, featuring on numerous best skate shoe lists (including ours) having produced numerous styles over the years. While trends have definitely changed, one thing has stayed the same and that’s Globes commitment to creating quality Skate shoes at affordable prices and these signature Mark Appleyard Mahalos are no different. Crafted from high-quality materials with Skater focussed design elements, we think these are a fantastic Skate shoe.

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I was fortunate enough to be provided a pair of Globe Mahalo for review purposes from Globe, everything in this review is my own opinion based on wearing this Skate Shoe for the last couple of weeks.


The Mahalo feature a low cut vulcanized design made of shaved suede and also rock Globe’s patented Shockbed insole.

Even though these are a signature model Shoe, they are available in a whole range of colours, meaning there should be something for everyone.

I’m a big fan of the Black/White colourway which I’m re,viewing here, as from a fashion point of view it goes with everything. If you wanted to smarten them up a bit more then replacing the (bright) white laces with some black ones would really make them look sleek.

The vulcanized sole (is again) a standard pattern/design amongst numerous Globe Skate Shoes, and this makes total sense for two reasons;

  1. The design is perfect for Skating, providing loads of grip, offering a smooth flex and still providing the durability provided to keep your Skate Shoe in top condition for many months.
  2. I imagine it also allows Globe to keep costs down whilst still being able to offer numerous different shoe designs.


The Shockbed insole Design is featured in numerous other Globe trainers and it definitely adds an additional layer of comfort.

Comprised of polyurethane it provides a superior level of comfort and rebound protection.

These shoes are really really comfortable, ideal for everyday use as well as Skating.

The shoes offer a nice layer of internal padding, particularly on the left and right side of the ankle. This adds a slight bulge to the overall design of the shoe, but they are still very low profile and look great with a skinny pair of jeans.

The Tongue is nice and soft, so doesn’t cut in.

Should you Buy them?

If you are looking for a simple low cut Skate Shoe then the Mahalos really do make a great choice.

A range of available colourways and some keen prices if you shop around certainly make them a contender for any Skater.

While the Suede design and limited protection around the lace area may mean they can’t compete with something like the CT-IV Classic for durability if you are the most hardcore of Skaters.

The timeless low cut vulc look make them an ideal choice for the fashion conscious Skater.

Check them out at Globe or on No products found.

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