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Best Skateboard Backpack

Skateboarding is no longer restricted to pulling off tricks in ramps and bowls. The reason being, it is now used for transportation on streets along with being a recreational activity. The popularity of skateboarding has extended to tramp-boarding, swing-boarding, and even military forces that often use them in urban combat military exercises.

Now that skateboarders ride around the streets to schools, markets, and different places, they need to have an organized way of carrying and keeping their skateboards safe when not in use.

Because of this, people are seeking the top skateboard backpacks to help them carry their boards.

Obviously, carrying your skateboard in your hand for extended periods of use is not the answer. For this purpose, skateboard backpacks are widely available nowadays to facilitate the transportation of your board.

We take a look at some of the best skateboard backpacks available.

Our top choice of Best Skateboard Backpacks

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Best skateboarder backpacks 2019

  1. Element Mohave Premium Backpack
  2. Dakine Mission Backpack
  3. Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack
  4. Burton Kilo Backpack
  5. Nike SB RPB Skateboarding Backpack

Why is there a need for skateboarding backpacks?

Skateboarding is fun and a very convenient mode of transportation, but what do you do when you are done skateboarding? Where do you put your skateboard when you cannot ride it, say in school or at work or somewhere it is impossible to ride? What if you have your hands full already and can’t carry an unwieldy skateboard in hands too? Skateboarding backpacks are just what you need to solve all these problems.

How do you carry a Skateboard?

While you can obviously just pick your skateboard up and hold it, using a skateboard backpack is a much more convenient way!

Skateboarding backpacks are mandatory accessory for those who love skating. Especially those who tend to carry along several items with them.

These backpacks serve as not only a skateboard carrier but also have multipurpose features to carry other belongings such as laptops, notebooks, cameras, etc. These backpacks help you keep your skateboard and all other possessions safe and organized.

But possibly most importantly, they also look pretty cool!

There are a wide range of backpack types available online, but you’ll need to decide which bag best suits you.

Here is a guide to help you select the best backpack:

Buying Guide: Things to look for when buying a skateboard backpack

You must consider a few aspects before buying. There are a many important features you need to look for in skate backpacks to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled. The top bag would be one that is ergonomic, practical, and trendy. With so many types to pick from, it may still be difficult for you to choose the best skateboard backpack.

Purpose of Use 

You need to consider where you are going to use this backpack and what features you require. For instance, if you are to use this backpack for adventurous purposes like camping, hiking, or travelling on rough terrain, you need to choose backpacks with ample amounts of storage to store your skateboard and other essentials needed for survival in rough areas.

If you are to use the backpack in rainy areas, you must look for a waterproof bag.

A simple day-to-day use might require a backpack that only carries the skateboard alone.

You may want to carry your laptop to work, or school, and for this, you need to look for bags with special laptop sleeves that keep your computer safe.

Most importantly you must look for backpacks with a secure backpack strap to keep your skateboard secured in place.

Size and Capacity

Skateboard Backpacks are not regular bags and their size and capacity should be studied carefully to ensure they’ll fit not only your board but anything else you may want to carry. Skateboarders often have to carry almost everything on their back!

If you are just taking your skateboard to the local skate park you could probably buy one with a small size and enough capacity to carry your skateboard. However, if you are carrying your books, your laptop, or even clothes you must look for a backpack with more volume to accommodate all your possessions along with the skateboard. It should neither be too large or too small, but just the right size that you need to maintain the convenience and keep your hands free for other tasks you may want to do.


If you are to carry your skateboard and/or your belongings to a nearby place you may overlook comfort. However, if you are to use the backpack frequently and for a good amount of time, comfort is not something you can compromise on. You must look for the best bag that does not hurt your back or shoulders, rather you should look for backpacks that are designed to minimise the burden on you and ensure are comfortable for long periods of use.


Skateboard Backpacks are used very roughly, often tossed around and thrown, they can go through very rough use.

For this reason, the best skate backpack must be extremely durable in order to ensure that they do not easily damage too soon.

You may look for bags with polyester coating or materials that are long-lasting and depending on your usage, possibly also water resistant.


With all the above-mentioned significant features considered, you may finally also want to look for something that looks cool!

There are so many different styles, colors, and brands based on your budget and fashion sense, that there should be a skate backpack to meet even the most fashion conscious skater.

Skateboard Backpack Reviews

Now you know all the factors that you need to consider before you select your skate backpack, let us review the top five best skateboard backpacks we could find online.

We have listed features each of some of the best skateboard backpacks available right now, including their capacity, organisation, durability, and functionality, so that you can decide which is the best skate backpack for your needs.

With unique features each of them offers, it will be easy for you to prioritise your requirements and pick the top skateboard backpack according to your needs.

Element Mohave Premium Backpack

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This premium skateboard backpack is for both men and women. It is made up of 100% polyester.

The dimensions of the bags are 18.5 inches high, 11.5 inches wide, and 13.5 inches for the shoulder drop.

The bag has one slip pocket along with four exterior pockets. It also has a small water bottle storage space, making it one of the best options for those with lots of items to carry.

The bag has zipper closures for better security and for skateboards; it has two straps on the exterior.

  • The high-grade 600D polyester used in the skateboard backpacks makes it durable
  • Adjustable straps to tightly grip the skateboard in place
  • A large capacity with one slip pocket and four exterior pockets
  • Zip closures ensure the safety of essentials in the backpack
  • Laptop sleeves to protect your computer
  • Trendy and colorful with enough features
  • Cannot carry skateboards that are too big
  • Not completely water resistant, so not the best if you live somewhere rainy

Dakine Mission Backpack

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The Dakine Mission skateboard Backpack is also made of 100% polyester.

It comprises six pockets: four interior slip pockets, one interior zip pocket, and one exterior zip pocket. It also has a removable strap drop.

It also contains iPad and laptop sleeves, making it one of the most ideal skateboard backpacks for all your essentials.

The bag has additional storage for sunglasses and other delicate possessions.

The backpack has straps on the exterior side to fit skateboards of a variety of sizes.

  • The backpack has enough storage with six pockets
  • It has special pads and sleeves for iPads and laptops
  • It is waterproof and can be used on rainy days or even snowboarding
  • It can carry skateboards with a wider range of varying sizes
  • Has a waist strap that can be adjusted as needed by the user
  • No place for water bottles
  • Fleece lined pockets may be uncofmrtable for people with dry skin

Eastsport Multi Compartment Skater Backpack

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This skateboard backpack is suitable for school, parks, or simple day to day routine travelling.

The material used is polyester. The dimensions are 19 inches x 13 inches x 8.5 inches.

It comprises the main zip compartment with multiple front zip pockets and slips pockets on the sides.

The main interior zip compartment is fleeced and has laptop sleeves as well with a side D-ring for holding keys.

The pockets on the sides have elastic and are hydration pockets. The skateboard is held with exterior straps that are adjustable.

  • Polyester makes the bag durable for rough use
  • The main compartment is spacious and has laptop sleeves to carry laptops up to 15 inches of height and separate ring for holding keys
  • Two hydration pockets on the sides
  • Two Velcro straps for carrying skateboards
  • Comfortable with foam back, rubber coated handles, and ultra-padded shoulder straps
  • Not suitable for longboards
  • Suits only some skateboards making it take longer to set skateboard in position properly as the straps do not hold all types of skateboards in position tightly

Burton Kilo Backpack

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This 1kg skateboard backpack has an overall capacity of 27L, making it one of the best large backpacks.

The dimensions are 17.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 6 inches.

It has one main compartment with key clip and a slip pocket. It encompasses laptop sleeves and tablet sleeves.

With this, it also offers four pockets with zip closures on the exterior.

It contains two front straps to carry your skateboard.

  • Huge main compartment to contain laptop, keys, and other essentials in an organized manner
  • Padded sleeves for tablets and laptops
  • Shoulder straps have pads for comfort
  • The sternum strap is adjustable for convenience
  • High-quality polyester made for excessive durability
  • Water resistant, but not waterproof for rainy days
  • The shoulder pads are quite thin and with numerous belongings in the bag, it may be uncomfortable for users

Nike SB RPB Skateboarding Backpack

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The Nike SB RPB Skateboarding Backpack is 19 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. These dimensions give it a sound capacity.

It has a main zip compartment to hold your essentials and an external zipped laptop sleeve.

The shoulder straps are curved for better fit and the buckle straps on the front exterior are designed to accommodate skateboards.

  • The skateboards are kept tightly gripped in a fixed position with the adjustable buckle straps
  • The capacity of the backpack is large enough to easily contain your belongings along with the skateboard
  • Specially padded laptop sleeves keep it secure from any damage
  • The curved shoulder strap guarantees a comfortable fit
  • The backpack is stylish along with being functional and practical
  • Shoulder straps are slightly slippery on some clothing materials
  • Fewer compartments for the separate arrangement of belongings than other bags
  • Not waterproof


We hope this guide has helped you find the best skate backpack for your needs.

What is the best backpack for you?

The requirements and priorities for the top skateboard back differ from person to person, depending on the budget some may be be looking for cheap skateboard backpacks, while others might be looking for the most durable skateboard backpacks.

The backpack our experts have reviewed above are all traditional skateboard backpacks, with great skateboard backpacks from brands like element and dakine. If your looking for the best electric skateboard backpacks, or best longboard backpack then you might need to look elsewhere.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to be able to buy the top skateboard backpack that best satisfies your needs. It’s always worth reading other peoples reviews online to see what other people think.

Have we missed your favourite skate backpack?

There are new skateboard backpacks being created all the time, with the rise of skateboarding, longboarding and electric skateboards we’re sure there will be a great skateboard bag missing from our review.

Let us know your favourite in the comments below and which skate bag should be top of our chart.

With the perfect skate board backpack, you are free to focus on and enjoy skateboarding without having to worry about where to put all your possessions and where to leave your skateboard when not in use, in the middle of a lecture or enjoying a party, the backpack will keep it safe.

So go get your skateboard, pop it in your backpack and get on with your day.

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