Billings Skatepark

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Recessed coping, bumps and kinks, uneven transitions, rails and monoliths stuck in the middle of banks, a 10-step that's just too steep, the big bowl is just plain wierd. I pretend that this place wasn't made to be skated, like maybe a mediocre backyard pool, and then it doesn't seem quite as bad. Any of the other parks listed here is waaaaay better!! If you absolutely have to come to Billings for some reason, check it out! It's not unrideable, and there's always someone there to session with. I would not make the trip just to skate this, though. Thank God that Hardcore Skateparks just built this one and went out of business before they could do this to anybody else!!

Another user described the tranny sections as "Worst mud in the State."

Footage:too tight!
Date Completed:2004
Builders:Hardcore Skateparks
Helmets: Optional
Pads: Optional
Bikes: Nope
Features: A couple open-ended bowls and some street features (handrails stairs, ledges, banks that look to all converge on each other.)
On the corner of 27th St and 1st Ave South. Take the 27th St. exit off I-90, head north about 2 miles, its on the right. Located right between the Ball Adult theater and the Health Clinic. Prime location!
Nearby Shop: no real sk8shop. The Ski Station on Grand Ave. is your best bet. Most kids go to Zumiez in the mall.
Eats: Don't know.